Bristol Roof Tiles

If you are considering having a properties roof repaired or having a re-roof you may be considering having roof tiles. We provide a roof tiling service for both repairs and re-roofs. We offer a range of tiling materials whether you decide to have concreate or natural clay tiles. Bristol roofers also provide a range of roof tiles types including flat, imbrex and tegula, roman tiles, barrel tiles, pantiles and interlocking roof tiles. We can help you pick which roof tiles would be best suited to your property.

Roof tiles are not only very good at keeping the rain off your home but they can also make a roof look very attractive. Both aged character buildings and more modern developments can enhance their appearance with clay roof tiles. Different looks can be achieved by different tile options that we can advise you on.

There are different life spans for different types of roof. The life of a roof depends on contributing factors such as the materials, quality of workmanship and the level of exposure to the elements. For roofs that have well fitted tiles, there life span can be in excess of fifty years.

For a less costly alternative concrete roof tiles can be used. This material has a large number of colour options.

Please get in touch with us and we can assist you with any further questions you may have on roof tiling your property.