Re-roofing Services

For roofs that are in disrepair and require a lot of work done to them sometimes it is a better solution to have the roof completely replaced.

A new roof can be installed in its place that is more attractive, effective, reliable and functional than the previous roof. We will provide advice on what materials could be best suited to your new roof as your existing roof may not have given you sufficient protection. A final choice can then be made on the best type of roof to use and what colour.

We can appreciate how expensive a re-roof can be and we ensure that the new roof is of a very high quality that will last for many years and will be competitively priced.

With over 30 years’ experience in the roofing industry we have the experience to provide a re-roof in many different materials and roof types. This includes flat roofs, tiled roofs, GRP/fibreglass, felt roofs and slate roofs to name a few.

Our experienced and skilled team aim to ensure that all the expectations of our customers are met with their re-roof.