GRP/Fibreglass Roofing

GRP stands for glass reinforced plastic, the common name for which is fibreglass.

GRP was created back in 1938 for insulation. Today GRP is used in a wide range of applications across a range of various industries.

GRP is extremely waterproof, durable and strong which makes it an excellent choice for roofing systems. It can have different finishes, for example nonslip surfaces and there is an unlimited range of colour possibilities. These factors mean that GRP is a very popular roofing choice compared to traditional roofing systems.

GRP roofs have gone through extensive testing and are proven to have a typical life expectancy well in excess of fifty years. These tests have also shown that there has been no deterioration throughout the length of the testing period.

GRP fiberglass roofing can be installed by our roofing specialists who are trained and qualified to install this material.

Please get in touch with our Bristol roofing team today and we can discuss the fibreglass roofing systems with you.